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Remove an External Domain from a Package

Follow the steps below to cancel an external domain from your package.

If you no longer need certain domains in your package, you can easily remove them via the 1&1 Contract Page page.

Please note:
Cancelling all domains in your hosting package does not cancel the hosting plan. It will remain active and will continue being billed until you cancel the entire plan.
Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Contract Page. 1&1 Contract Page
1&1 Contract Page

Enter your Account Number and Password
Enter your Account Number and Password
Step 2
Click on Cancellation at the top of the Welcome page. Contract start pages
Contract start pages
Step 3
Select the package that contains the external domain to remove. Overview of packages
Overview of packages
Step 4
Select the option to cancel Individual domains/additional items and click on Next. Cancellation options
Cancellation options
Step 5
Tick the box next to the external domain you would like to remove to select it for cancellation. Ensure that Cancellation and As soon as possible are chosen.
Click on Next. Parts of your contract
Parts of your contract
Step 6
Verify all cancellation information summarised on the overview page and if correct, click on Confirm to submit the cancellation request. The domain registration is not being cancelled at this time as the domain is not registered with 1&1. The external domain is simply being removed from the 1&1 system. If changes are necessary, click on Back. Confirmation page
Confirmation page
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