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Domain Does Not Reflect the Uploaded Website

Refer to one of the following solutions:

  • If you have uploaded your site files to your webspace, but when viewing the website in a browser, no changes are recognised, it is suggested to first hold the Shift key and click on Refresh to refresh and re-download all site files.
  • If this does not resolve your issue, review the files and folders present in your web space when setting up your package after ordering. One of these files will be called index.html (for Linux) or default.htm (for Microsoft). They are temporary start pages for your domains stating that "This domain name has just been registered".

    If you have more than one of these file names in your web space, one may take priority over the other resulting in the wrong page being displayed. We recommended to delete, rename or move index.html or default.htm so that there is no conflict with your website files.
    Please note:
    Make sure the file name is in lowercase. index.html is not the same as Index.html or INDEX.HTML.

    View the list of possible names of a website's Start/Home/Intro Page.
  • The website files uploaded may have been put into the wrong folder, resulting in no chances being seen. Configure each domain to show a different website.