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Domain Contact Verification E-mail

When you register a new domain, accept an incoming domain transfer to your 1&1 account or update the registrant contact (Reg-C) of an existing domain name and you will receive an E-mail verification request. As part of the ICANN verification process, this E-mail verification is a mandatory procedure for all domain names so that we can confirm that the E-mail address listed for the domain is yours.

In order to confirm the contact E-mail address, you will need to click on the link attached to the verification E-mail sent after updating your contact details, transfering a domain, or registering a new domain.

You must verify the link within 2 weeks of receiving the initial verification E-mail otherwise:

  • Newly registered domains or incoming domain transfers that have not verified the contact E-mail will be deactivated.
  • Updating the contact details for an existing domain which have not been confirmed will automatically revert to the previous contact information.
Please note:
If you have not received the verification E-mail and need to resend it, update the domain contact details again and a new one will be sent. This also applies if you need to have the verification E-mail sent to a different E-mail address.
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