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Use 1&1 Mail Basic for a Domain Hosted with Another Company

Learn how to manage E-mail accounts with 1&1 for a domain that is registered with another company or is using a third-party DNS host.

This article is intended for those who have a domain and website hosted with another company, but want to use 1&1 to create and manage the E-mail accounts for that domain.

Please note:
If you would like to use 1&1 to manage your E-mail addresses for a domain and also use 1&1 to host the website for your domain, you can either transfer the domain to 1&1 or point to the 1&1 Name Servers.
Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click Transfer domain from another providerfrom the Domains panel.
Domains panel
Domains panel
Step 3
Enter the domain name that uses non-1&1 Name Servers but you wish to use with the 1&1 Mail Basic service and click Check Domain.
Domain Check
Domain Check
Step 4
Select As an external domain to proceed. Domain Transfer
Domain Transfer
Step 5
The contents of your shopping basket are displayed. Click on Continue. Domain Check
Domain Check
Step 6
Review the data we currently have on record about you. Check the box agreeing to the Registration terms and conditions. If your user details are correct, click on continue to checkout. Order details
Order details
Step 7
A summary of your order and your address details is shown. Check the box next to the Terms & Conditions. Additionally, you have the option of receiving product updated by clicking the check box above the Terms & Conditions. Place your order by clicking on Order now. Order page
Order page

You will receive a confirmation message upon the completion of the ordering process. You will receive an e-mail shortly with additional information and steps to follow to complete the process with your current registrar.

Confirmation message
Confirmation message
Step 8

Click the arrow icon to display an options menu.

Domain overview page
Domain overview page
Step 9

The domain overview should show the domain added and listed as an external type of domain.

Order page
Order page
Step 10
You must know the current DNS addresses for the domain for the next steps. To double-check the addresses, check the WHOIS information for your domain by typing your domain name into the search bar and clicking on Search. Order page
Order page
Step 11
Search for the Name Servers section and write down all the name servers listed.
Order page
Order page
Step 12
Go back to the 1&1 Control Panel.

Select Edit DNS Settings from the domain options menu. Domain overview page

Domain overview page

Step 13
Select the Other Name servers.
Enter all the name servers used for the domain in the text boxes in the Name Server Settings section.

When all have been entered, click the Save button to confirm your changes. Order page

Order page

Step 14
Update your DNS settings with your DNS host so that your domain uses the 1&1 MX Records. For mx00.1and1.co.uk use Priority 10.
For mx01.1and1.co.uk use Priority 20.