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Domain Status Notifications

After requesting a transfer, you might receive notifications that certain domain data is missing or inaccurate. Below you will find a list of possible status notifications you might receive accessing your 1&1 Control Panel.

  • Domain Data Incorrect
    This status means that something in the contact details is missing or is entered in a wrong format. Please ensure that all your details are correct especially the phone number format.
  • Waiting for UK Tag
    This signifies that your current registrar (Tag holder) did not change the tag of your domain yet. To proceed with the transfer, you need to contact your current registrar and have them change the tag of your domain to 1AND1. Once this is done, it will still take around 24 to 48 hours for your domain to be ready in our system.
  • Domain Transfer Request was Rejected
    You have recently attempted to transfer your domain from another registrar to 1&1, but the transfer request was not acknowledged by your current registrar. To proceed, please contact your current registrar to settle the matter. Notify us afterwards to restart the transfer.
  • Domain Owner Has Not Approved the Transfer Yet
    The transfer could not be completed because the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS Database did not acknowledge the transfer request. Please update the contact details with your current registrar. Once updated, please notify us.
  • Waiting for Approval (Reminder Sent)
    The transfer could not be completed because the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS Database did not approve the transfer request yet. Please ensure that the registrant/administrative contact on file approves the transfer so we can resend the transfer request.
    The transfer is initiated as soon as 1&1 obtains consent and the domain status is set to Unlock. If the status of the domain is set to Lock, access your account at your current registrar or web hosting provider and remove the lock. Then, please notify us.
  • Domain Transfer is Being Prepared
    The domain in question is locked with your current registrar. To continue with the transfer process, contact your current registrar to unlock the domain name. Once the domain has been unlocked, please notify us.
  • Domain Registration Failed
    If this is a new domain registration and you receive this notification, it could mean that domain could not be registered because it has already been registered by another user to a different registrar.
    If this concerns an update/modification, please contact us at transfer@1and1.co.uk .
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