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Check a Domain's DNS from the 1&1 Control Panel

Follow the steps below to check the current DNS settings for your domain.

After making changes to your domain's DNS settings, it is important to check the current DNS settings to make sure the changes have registered.

Please note:
If you are receiving "DNS Settings Incomplete with Registrar”" as the domain status after adding your domain as an external domain, you need to contact your registrar and ask them to point the domain name servers to us. It will take 24- 48 hours for your domain to be ready in our system.
Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
From the Domains panel, click on Manage Domains.
Domains > Manage Domains
Domains > Manage Domains

Step 3
Click the arrow icon next to the domain name in question to display an options menu. Domain center home page
Domain center home page
Step 4
The current DNS settings will display beneath the DNS Settings section of the options menu. Domain options menu
Domain options menu

Additionally, you have the option to click the Display All Records link to view the current DNS settings in a separate window.
DNS information with list of settings

DNS information with list of settings

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