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Windows VPS Migration FAQ

This article contains some information about the upcoming migration of your 1&1 Virtual Server.

Why is the VPS migration necessary?
  • Newer Platform
    Ensuring ongoing security of your 1&1 Virtual Server is very important to us. Therefore we are migrating our VPS customers to a new hardware and software platform.
  • Windows Updates and Drivers
    During migration, your existing Windows container will be moved to a completely independent VM. This means that you will have the ability to schedule, install or even uninstall Windows updates manually. You will also now have the ability to install your own drivers.
  • Provision of SP1
    During the migration, we automatically install Service Pack 1 for you. This allows you to install additional Windows updates that require SP1. Since Microsoft updates are only available with an installed SP1, you will now be able to install future Microsoft updates without issue.
How will the migration be done?
  • By 1&1 server technicians
    We will handle all aspects of the migration for you. You do not have to take care of anything. After migration, additional Windows updates, which have to be installed manually, will be available.
  • With moderate downtime
    The migration will probably take about 4-8 hours. Your virtual server will not be accessible during this timeframe.
  • Complete data transfer
    The migration transfers your existing Windows container to a VM of its own. All your data and programs are transferred in this process. We do not have access to your personal data during migration.
What do I need to know before/after the migration?
  • Controllable processor limits, RAM and hard disk
    In order to avoid any technical resource issues, the processor limits, RAM or hard disk can be adjusted to your advantage.
  • Backup Incompatability
    Already existing backups are no longer compatible with the new platform and will be lost. After migration, new backups are automatically generated as usual on a daily basis. We recommend to back up your data before the migration and store the backup on another location off the VPS.
  • IP address remains the same
    Your IP address will not change after migration.
  • Plesk Panel
    If you have installed Plesk Panel, nothing will change for you. We recommend that you upgrade Plesk Panel via the integrated update function.
  • Virtuozzo Power Panel
    Virtuozzo is still available to you on the new platform however, the range of functions is slightly different. You will now have a complete VM with resources which can not be accessed by the Power Panel. Therefore there will be no access to processes, services or the file system of the VM. You can still start or stop your virtual server and access your backups, but you will no longer be able to upload files to your virtual server via the Power Panel.
  • Supported operating systems for new installations
    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Plesk Panel 12.5
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Windows Server 2012 R2 with Plesk Panel 12.5
  • Supported languages
    The operating system will be installed in English by default, but you have the ability to install any language packs necessary afterward.
  • Parallels Tools
    During migration, a service called "Parallels Tools" will be installed on your server. This service ensures an ideal support for the hardware and software platform. Without this service, we can only offer limited support for your virtual server.
  • Future updates for Parallels Tools
    In the future, we will also take care of the security of your system and from time to time, we will provide new versions of the "Parallels Tools" service. Next time you will restart your VM, they will automatically be installed and they will have to be restarted too.
What happens if the migration fails?

If a critical error occurs during the migration, we will automatically go back to your previous container. The container is not being changed during migration. It remains the same as before the migration. We will have a look at what went wrong and we will inform you as soon as your container will be migrated again.