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Recalculating hyperlinks without FrontPage Server Extensions

If FrontPage Server Extensions are active, it is possible to update the complete document linking of a FrontPage Web automatically on the server, with the Recalculate Hyperlinks function.

If the FrontPage Extensions are deactivated, an automatic comparison on the server is no longer possible. The following steps describe the process without active FrontPage Server Extensions.

Step 1: Select the option Recalculate Hyperlinks under Tools in the Microsoft FrontPage menu bar.

Step 2: Clicking on Yes starts the recalculation of the hyperlinks. This can take several minutes.

Step 3: Find the point Remote Website in the View menu that you need for the publishing process.

Step 4: The Remote Website Properties button gives you the option of selecting the Remote Webserver Type. Select FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Step 5: Once you have entered your connection data, the Local Web is shown to you in the left hand transfer window and the right hand window shows the data on the Webserver.

Step 6: Mark the modified documents from the Local Web and transfer them to the Webserver by clicking on the transfer button (arrow right).