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A time out message is displayed upon launching the WebsiteCreator.

Upon each launch of the


a session ID is created in the background which is valid for an hour. If you relaunch the WebsiteCreator shortly afterwards, this session is stored in the browser cache (depending on the browser cache configuration there could be several saved sessions) and the browser tries to reload the previous WSC session from the cache. Thereby timeout problems occur since the browser attempts to access an expired session. Principally, you should set the browser cache as low as possible.


Internet Explorer

. Click on Tools and select Internet Options. Under the General tab click on Settings for

Temporary Internet files

. Choose Every visit to the page.

Also set the Amount of

disk space

to lower value. After changing the settings you need to restart the IE.

Additionally, after exiting (also unintended exiting) of the WebsiteCreator, you should always completely exit your browser and restart it. This is particularly applicable if you edit several different WSC accounts in turn. Letting some more time pass before the next login has of course the same result, since you visit other websites in the meantime and thus the cache is again overwritten with the new pages.