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How do I access the 1&1 Photo Gallery?

Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID OR domain name and your password.

If you have only one package, you will land on the Administration page. If you have more than one package, select the package in question to reach its Administration page.
Package overview
Package overview

Step 2
Click the 1&1 Photo Gallery link from the Website/Applications section of the 1&1 Control Panel.

Step 3
Click the Create button.

Step 4
Enter a Album Name and select a domain to use the Photo Gallery with.
At the bottom of the page you will see the code for implementing the Gallery into your website. You can copy the code now to paste it in the web page where you want the Gallery to appear.
Click the OK button when you are finished.

Step 5
You can now see the gallery has been setup. You can now click the Open button to launch Photo Gallery and start adding pictures.