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Creating A new Photobook from scratch

Step 1
Start the myphotobook application, this can be found in your start menu.
Step 2
Once the application has loaded click on the NEW PHOTOBOOK button.
Step 3
You have now started to create your own photobook
Step 4
Select the location where you photos are stored.
All the images in this location will be shown,
Step 5
Now you will need to start Inserting Photos, firstly there is the Front Cover, this does not have to be done first and can be changed later.

Select the Image that you want to have on the cover then drag it over to the Cover page

You can also add Text, to make a Cover Title, Spin Text and a small note on the back page, this is done by clicking on the text frames.

Step 6
To add photos to the normal pages is done in the same was as adding the Cover photo, Select the photo from the Images on the Left hand side of the screen, drag them across then drop them on the page you want.

Step 7
The Final Step is to Save the Photobook, this means that you will be able to come back to it later on, to do this click on the SAVE button.