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Important things you need to know before enabling in2Site Live Dialogue

Start page: (


When activating in2site, the order of the start pages for your domain will be
changed. A file named


will be created on your webspace. This file will build a frameset for your start page and contains the in2site functionality.

Please be aware that the option to watch your visitors has limited functionality if your site itself consists of frames. The in2site software will only recognize that there are visitors on your frameset pages rather than what specific frame/sub page they are viewing.

Frame killers:
When using

frame killers

it may often occur that your web sites are being loaded more than once. This means a new browser window with your web site will open. Additionally the in2site software will not be able to display your visitors. This is due to technical reasons, please avoid to use frame killers in combination with in2site.

Due to technical reasons it is not possible to use in2site with a WebsiteCreator enabled site.