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Communication Screen

When you open the 1&1 SMS Manager you will be automatically shown the Communication tab, this is where you will send your SMS messages from.

You have 4 main options here:

  • Sender: This is who the SMS is sent from, the initial setting is 1&1 and can not be changed until the your mobile phone number has been confirmed. For instructions on how to do this see page 14.
  • Recipient: The mobile phone number that you want to send the message to. You can type this into the box that is provided, or if you have saved numbers in your Phonebook, click on the "To..." button.
  • Message: This is where you type the message. The maximum length of an SMS sent through the 1&1 SMS Manager is 160 characters.
  • Send when?: You have a choice when to send the SMS, either immediate or at a set time.

To send the message click on the "Send" button, or you can cancel and reset all the fields by clicking on the "Reset fields" button.