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How do I create a new Photocast Channel

Step 1
You will need to login to the 1&1 Control Panel (http://admin.1and1.co.uk) to configure the EasyRSS system.

Step 2
Click on the "1&1 RSS Creator" icon from the main page of the Control Panel.

Step 3
If this is your first RSS channel then you will see a screen that explains what you can do, click the "Create" button to continue.

However if you have already created an RSS channel then you will be taken to the "Channel Overview" screen. Click on the "New" button to create a new channel.

Step 4
Choose what type of RSS you would like to create, in this case it will be a Podcast Channel.

Then click the "Next" button.

Step 5
You will need to fill in the details for the New Channel, and assign it a domain/sub domain.

Title This is the Name of the Channel
Description This is a description of the Channel
Domain The Domain or Sub Domain that the Channel is assigned to
Photo Album The 1&1 Photo Gallery that contains the photos
Click the "Next" button to continue with the setup.

Step 6
Next you will have to enter the settings for the RSS Channel.

  • Settings
    Here you will need to Set:
    Language (optional)
    Who the Channel has been created by
    the Time Setting
    The Copyright (optional)
    An image (image)

    If you would like an image you will need to click on the "Upload image" link. This will open a new window that you can use to locate the image.

    Once you have located the image, click on the "OK" button.

  • Aggregator OutputThis will control the output of the Channel for the feeds. As default the Title is ticked, this can not be changed as it is required.

    Title Title of the Article from the Feed
    Teaser This is the beginning of the Article in the channel, in general only around 10 words.
    Image If you have included an image in an article then this can be shown.
    Content Shows the complete content of the article
    Number of items This is how many articles will be shown on the feed
  • Publication ServicesThis is organizations on the Internet where your feeds will be sent to.

    Choosing any of these will mean that your RSS Channels and Feeds will be picked and could be used by other people.

  • Online AggregatorChoose what Online Aggregators links you would like shown.

Click on the "Next" button to continue.

Step 7
Choose what you would like the Channel to look like.

  • Teaser Settings
Step 8
Finally you will see the Website Integration and Subscription Services page, from which you will be able to paste the code on to your website.