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Rename the Windows Administrator User

For Windows Server 2008

Learn how to change the name of the default Administrator to prevent brute-force password attacks.

The Administrator is the default user for all Windows Server operating systems and almost all brute-force password attacks will attempt to gain access as this user. While you may be able to set Account Lockout Policies for all other users, the Administrator user is exempt from these settings and can never be locked out. It is therefore suggested to rename the Administrator user and you can do so by following these steps.

Step 2
Once logged in, click on Start > right-click My Computer and select Manage. Start Menu
Start Menu
Step 3
From under Server Manager, select Configuration. Server Manager Overview
Server Manager Overview
Step 4
Double-click Local Users and Groups. Configuration of server manager
Configuration of server manager
Step 5
Double-click Users. Local Users and Groups
Local Users and Groups
Step 6
Right-click the Administrator user and select Rename. Type the new name you wish to use for the Administrator user and press ENTER.
Please note:
Write down the the new username to not forget it.
Administration Rename
Administration Rename
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