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Redirect Traffic for a Site on a Windows Server 2003 OS

It may sometimes be necessary to redirect traffic from one domain to another in the case of a domain name change or to redirect traffic to a secure site (encrypted with SSL). This article describes how to perform such a redirection manually in IIS. This method should not be used if a Parallels product (i.e. Plesk or Small Business Panel) is installed on your server. You should instead make such changes through the Parallels software or re-image your server to an operating system that does not include Parallels software.

Step 1
Log in to your server via Remote Desktop. For more help, please reference How do I log in to my Windows server via Remote Desktop?
Step 2
Select Start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager2003ssl1.png
Step 3
From the left-hand frame, right-click the site that requires redirection and select Properties.

Step 4
Click the Advanced button.

2003redirect1.png Here you can check the Host Headers that have been added to the site. You may want to make sure that yoursite.com as well as www.yoursite.com are added as Host Headers so that when viewers access either of these addresses, they will be redirected.

2003redirect2.png Be sure to click the OK button if you make any changes to save them.
Step 5
Next select the Home Directory tab from the Site Properties page.

Step 6
Select A redirection to a URL2003redirect4.png
Step 7
Enter the address that traffic should be redirected to in the text box. Optionally you may want to check the box to force the "exact URL entered above", "permanent redirection" or other option depending on your needs.

When finished, click the OK button to save your changes.

Step 8
Now you can access your domain name in a browser and ensure that the redirection is functioning properly.