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Quickest Way to Get Started in the Shop Designer

The Shop Designer comes with a default template, pages, text, shopping cart, etc. Before you even get started, there are a few things of which to take note.

There is a difference between the Save and Apply button. Using the Save button will allow you to save any changes that you have made in the Shop Designer where the Apply button will enable the changes you've made to be published. Clicking the Apply button however will not actually publish the shop for you, that is a separate action that needs to be performed from the eShop Control Panel.

Before applying any changes, you should use the Preview button available in the Shop Designer to make sure that your shop looks as was intended.


The first thing you may notice when using the Shop Preview is the style of you eShop. Changing your shop style or template is a good place to start when working with the design of your eShop. Reference How can I change the eShop design template?Next, you may want to determine which pre-existing pages you would like to display in the shop so that you may edit them later (like a contact page, terms and conditions page, return policy page, etc.) by clicking the Define Pages button toward the top.


Once you have selected pre-existing pages you would like to include in your shop, double-check your eShop title, description, etc. by clicking the Settings button.


You should now be able to use both the Pages button to create, delete and order your eShop pages and the Content button to edit the content on your eShop pages! Don't forget to use the Save button when you are finished working so that your changes aren't lost. If you are planning to publish your shop, don't forget to click the Apply button to prepare your changes for publish!