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Minimise Downtime when transferring a Domain

Find out how to keep website/E-mail downtime to a minimum when transferring a domain to 1&1.

When transferring a domain that already has an existing website and E-mails system, it is important to ensure a minimum amount of downtime. While it is not possible to completely remove downtime from the transfer process, you can refer to the following steps to reduce it.

Step 1
Order the domain you have registered externally as an external domain in the 1&1 Control Panel.
Step 2
Point your domain to 1&1 Name Servers. During this process you will be given the 1&1 DNS settings for the external domain. Please write them down.
Step 3
Upload your website to your new web space using the s********@domain.co.uk included in your package as a hostname and your FTP details found in the 1&1 Control Panel.
Step 4
Now point the external domain to the folder where you have uploaded your website.
Step 5
Create any E-mail addresses you have with your other provider for your domain e.g. mail@mydomain.co.uk in the 1&1 Control Panel under Email as mailbox accounts.
Step 6
Configure your E-mail client to use the E-mail addresses you have setup.
Step 7
Contact your current provider and ask for your domain's DNS settings to be changed to the DNS settings you were given under Step 2.
Step 8
Your website and E-mail will be switched to 1&1 Name Servers within 48 hours
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