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How do I create Public Folders in my Exchange account?

Step 1
Log into XAdmin. For more help, please reference How do I log in to XAdmin?
Step 2
Click the PF Admin link toward the top of the page.

Step 3
If this is your first time managing an Exchange account's Public Folders, they will need to be set up first. Click the Create Public Folders button.

Step 4
A notice is displayed that the Public Folders are currently being created. This should not take longer than 15 minutes. Check the PF Admin section of XAdmin again in a few minutes and keep checking until the folders are available.

Step 5
To create a new Public Folder, right-click the Public Folders section and select New Folder.

Step 6
A new windows opens with more information that is needed to setup the folder.
Enter a folder Name.
Select a Folder Type. If unsure, select E-mail Folder.
Enter a Quota Size. The Quota is the maximum size alloted for the folder in kilobytes. 20,000kb is approx 20 megabytes.
Select the folder where you would like to Create folder under. If unsure, select the top most folder.

When you are finished, click the OK button.

Step 7
You will need to click the Save Changes button to save your changes.