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What happens when Deactivating an exchange account?

Deactivating an exchange account WILL DELETE all data associated with that account. Please do not deactivate any exchange account unless all of your account's data has been backed up as data loss will occur.

Deactivating and reactivating a 1&1 exchange account in the past would retain the data upon reactivation and allow the user to re-assign an email address to that account. Deactivating and reactivating the exchange account would also produce a download button for Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Entourage in the past however this is NOT the case any longer.

If Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Entourage is needed, you may contact our customer support at 0330 123 0275 to request that they enable the ability to download Microsoft Office or Entourage for your account.

For more information regarding where to find this link after the support agent has enabled this for you, please reference one of the following articles: Does 1&1 still offer Microsoft Outlook for download?Does 1&1 still offer Microsoft Entourage for download?