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How do I set up an Exchange e-mail account in Outlook 2010?

Step 1
First, log into the XAdmin interface. For more help on how to log in, please reference How do I log in to XAdmin?
Step 2
Click the Setup link at the top of the page.

Step 3
Click the link for Setup for Outlook 2007.

Step 4
Click the Download button in the Setup Outlook 2007 section.

Step 5
It is recommended to Save the OutlookConfigurator.exe file.

Step 6
It is recommended to save the file to your Desktop so that the file can be easily located.

Step 7
Once the file has finished downloading, Run the executable from the download window or by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (or where ever you may have saved the file).

Step 8
The e-mail address used with the exchange account should already be entered into the text box. Click the Install button.

Step 9
A notice that the Installation successfully completed is shown. Click the OK button.

Step 10
Next, click the Configure Outlook button.

Step 11
Double-check the Exchange username used to make sure it is correct. Enter the account's password and then click the OK button.

Step 12
Outlook will launch and you will have to choose the correct profile from the drop-down box. For each Exchange account added using the Outlook Configurator, a separate profile will be created using the e123456789 user name.