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How do I set up an Exchange e-mail account in Outlook 2003?

Please note that the procedure described here will only work under the following conditions:

1. Your operating system is Windows XP with SP1 or greater.
2. You have installed Outlook 2003.

Step 1
On your computer, click the Start Menu and select Control Panel.
Step 2
If using Windows XP, double-click the Mail icon.

xpMail.jpg If using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or above, type Mail into the search box at the top-right of the Control Panel window to quickly find the Mail icon. Then, double-click it.

Step 3
Click the Show Profiles button.

Step 4
Select Prompt for a profile to be used and then click the OK button to save the changes. The next steps will be to download the file necessary to set up Outlook 2003 with a new profile which has your Exchange account information. This is why it is necessary that Outlook prompt you to choose a profile as you may have more profiles than simply the Exchange one at the end of this guide.

Step 5
Open a browser and log into XAdmin. For more help on accessing XAdmin, please reference How do I log in to XAdmin?.
Step 6
Once logged into XAdmin, select the Setup link toward the top of the page.

Step 7
Scroll down the page and find the Setup Outlook 2003 section.
Select a language from the drop-down box.
Click the Download profile button.

Step 8
When prompted, choose to Save the file.

Step 9
It is suggested to save the file to the Desktop so that it can be easily found later if needed.

Step 10
Please exit Outlook 2003 if it is currently running.

Once the download has completed, click the Open button in the download window or launch the file from the location where it was saved.

Step 11
The file will begin to launch Outlook 2003 for you and create a new profile for your exchange account.

Click the Yes button to the warning that the file is attempting to import settings.

Step 12
Once the settings have been imported, a login screen appears to verify that a connection can be made.

Enter you User name as exchange\e111111111 replacing the 'e111111111' with your 1&1 Exchange username.
Enter your Exchange account's password and then click the OK button to connect.

Step 13
When opening Outlook in the future, you will need to select your Exchange username from the Profile list to connect to your Exchange account through Outlook.