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Does 1&1 still offer Microsoft Entourage for download?

If you require Entourage 2008 to setup an exchange account or to re-setup an exchange account, please first log into your XAdmin page here. For more information regarding XAdmin and how to log in, please reference How do I login to XAdmin?

Step 1
Once logged in you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Step 2
If you do not see a download tab at the top of the page and to the right of the Help tab as is the case in the above picture, you will need to contact support. Our customer support agents are available 24/7 at 0330 123 0275.

Inform the technical support agent that you require the download link to obtain Microsoft Entourage and once handled by the agent, the link should become available within 30 minutes. After the first 10 minutes, log into the XAdmin page once again to check or continue logging out and back in until you see the download tab as shown below.

Once the download tab is available, click it.
Step 3
Please Note: The download link is only available for download once so ensure that the following steps are double-checked before clicking the download button so the process does not need to be carried out again.
dlEntourage1.png Select the Entourage radio button. Ensure that the English version is selected from the drop-down box and click the Download button once ready.
Step 4
A new window will prompt you to save the Entourage install files (Entourage_2008_EN.dmg). Click the Save File button to download the file.


Once the download has completed, you may then install Microsoft Entourage 2008. Normally downloaded files are saved to the Desktop or the Downloads folder. After the installation, you may then begin the setup of your exchange account - How do I setup my Exchange account in Entourage 2008?*Calls cost 6p per minute from a BT landline, calls from other operators and mobiles may be higher