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What does not constitute "substantial content"?

  • Scant information
  • A link or brief description of a link
  • Banner ads, pictures or graphics
  • Contact information
  • Stock symbols
  • Placeholders are not OK for products where no results are returned (i.e. "coming soon", "site under construction", etc.)
  • Inherently dynamic content (newsgroup strings, message board content, etc.)
  • Lists of text without additional content

Search terms should reflect the content of the Web site. The inclusion of a search term/phrase on the site for the sole purpose of having a reference to that term does not make the term relevant to the site.


: A site promoting Internet-based business software might include the phrase "Perfect for Doctors and Accountants," but this does not make the search terms "doctor" or "accountant" relevant to the site.

Other Guidelines

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