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Titles and Descriptions

  • T/D Specificity/User Experience
    Titles or descriptions must be at least as specific as the search term that they describe. To ensure adherence to this guideline, it is recommended that advertisers insert the search term into the title and/or description of the line listing. Research has shown that users are more likely to click through to a Web site if the term that they are searching on is contained in the title or the description.

  • T/D Superlative/Bad Text
    Titles and descriptions must provide users with an objective and informative depiction of the product or service the Web site offers. As a result, titles or descriptions that contain superlatives such as the "best", "largest", "cheapest" etc. will be rejected. Advertisers should use alternatives such as "one of the best", "some of the cheapest" instead.

    Excessive use of capitalisation, punctuation (exclamation marks - !!!, etc.), abbreviations or symbols (& instead of "and", $ instead of "money" or "cash") is not permitted.

  • T/D Clarity
    While Y!SM permits fragments and phrases, titles and descriptions should otherwise be grammatically sound, with correct spelling and punctuation. Titles and descriptions should not exceed the character limits - 40 characters for titles, 190 characters for descriptions. These limits include spaces and other punctuation.

  • T/D Affiliate
    If your site is an affiliate of another company, you should include this information in your description. Adding the word "affiliate" at the start of your description will usually suffice.

  • T/D Contact Information
    An advertiser's contact information is not allowed appear in the line listing. This includes, for example, an advertiser's phone number, full URL, e-mail or business address.

Other Guidelines

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