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  • These guidelines are designed to help 1&1 Search Marketing advertisers understand our high relevancy standards and the criteria we use to evaluate search listings. Some of our current listings, submitted prior to the publication of this Guide, may not meet our updated relevancy standards. On an ongoing basis we will review our search listings to ensure they meet these standards.

    Please use these FAQ Articles as a Guide if you are a new advertiser or an existing advertiser submitting new search listings. Our goal is to create a marketplace in which both our users and our advertisers benefit. Users win because they find what they're looking for quickly and easily, and advertisers win by getting lots of targeted traffic to their sites.

Specific Guidelines

Adult Sites Brand Names Content Not Found Drugs Duplicate Search Terms Finance Sites Gambling Sites Geographic Location Insufficient Content Job/Employment Terms Marketplace & Language Product Component Questionable Legality Searcher Titles and Descriptions URLs Unacceptable Content Web Site Ownership What constitutes "substantial content"? What does not constitute "substantial content"? Zero Search Volume Terms