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Link an Etsy Shop to a 1&1 MyWebsite

The following steps will guide you through linking your Etsy shop to your website using the MyWebsite package. In order to start this process you will need to have already created an Etsy shop. For more information on creating an Etsy shop.

Step 1
You will first need to obtain your Etsy Shop ID. As a seller on Etsy, go to Your Shop > Shop Settings and finding the Etsy Mini link under the Promotions. Your Etsy Shop ID appears in the highlighted area of the HTML code. Retain this number for use later in the process. etsy1.png
Step 2
Step 3
Click Insert Elements from the menu on the right.

Step 4
Select the Products & Documents category, then click and hold the Etsy Gallery icon and...

etsy2.png Drag the icon to the area of the page where you want the Etsy Gallery to appear. Release the mouse button when you have positioned the Etsy Gallery element in the correct location.

Step 5
Input your Etsy Shop ID into the appropriate field. Use the Alignment buttons and the Appearance drop-down menus to adjust the appearance of the Etsy Gallery.

Click Save to save our changes.

Step 6
You will receive a message that states This web app will only be displayed in the page view mode, not in the editor mode.

Step 7
Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the Page View button to test the functionality of the Etsy Gallery.

Step 8
You should now see the Etsy Gallery on your page and can make sure it is functioning properly.