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What are meta tags?

Meta tags are special HTML commands containtaing descriptive data, that you can enter for your shop pages. With the help of meta tags, search engines can find your website more easily. You can use general meta tags for all your eShop pages, or individual tags for every single page.

To enter Meta tags, open eShop Administration and click Settings > Advanced Settings > Text modules 1 > Global texts for all shop pages.

Here you will find HEAD of the index.shopscript page ($CUSTOM_HEAD_INDEX) and HEAD for all shop pages ($CUSTOM_HEAD). You can enter HTML tags in this text
box which will then appear in the header of the HTML file.

The following is an example, but you can also define your own stylesheet setting:

<meta name="description" content="This descriptive text is to be displayed to a user by the search service when looking for your shop."> <meta name="author" content="Company Sample"> <meta name="keywords" content="searchterm1, searchterm2, brandname">