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Cannot see the https:// or the secure padlock icon when "Secure Order pages only" option is selected.

The eShop is made up using a frameset which consists of a set of frames each displaying
a different page for example navigation frame for the navigation menu and the main
frame for the products, Shopping cart and the whole order process.

If you setup SSL for the order pages only(eShop -> Settings -> Advanced Settings ->
Basic settings -> SSL settings -> Use SSL for order pages only?), and when a
shopper clicks Order button, the coming up order pages are secured and encrypted
with SSL but the secure padlock won't be displayed and the URL at the address bar
will be displayed as http:// and NOT https://. This is because other frame pages are
not encrypted. (navigation menu etc)

If you wish to see whether the order pages are secured, once in the order process,
right click in the middle of the page and choose properties and you will notice
that the page URL is https://sslrelay.com/..

The only way to show that your site is secured is to use a Java Script to display
the Geotrust Logo. You can put the following Geotrust Javascript under
Advanced settings --> Text modules 1 --> Global texts for all shop pages -->
HEADER at the beginning of all shop pages or FOOTER at the end of all shop pages

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="http://smarticon.geotrust.com/si.js"/>
A secure logo by Geotrust is inserted.