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What should I do to show up the order button of an item in item overview?

Problem: You want to show the "Order" button for an item in the item
overview page.

Solution: There are two different approaches:

Option 1Change template_smalllist.template under eShop -> Shop design, by inserting
the order link. (change the text highlighted in red)

<td valign=top align=left>
<font face="$global_fontface" size="$global_text_size"><font size="-2">
$text_overview_ordernumber_prefix $item_code

<td valign=top align=left> $font <b>
<a href="<% URL_ITEM %>">$text_overview_details</a><br>
<a href="<% ORDER_QUICKLINK %>">Order Now</a> </b> $_font
Please note: Item variants will be ignored.

Option 2Use detail template in the overview.

In this case, the overview template for the item must be changed to
template_detail.template (eShop -> Items -> edit -> next) Here you will see

Overview template Change it to template_detail.templateNow you have to edit product_overview.shopscriptGo to eShop -> Shop design. Replace the line <% TEMPLATE %> by

&amp;lt;form action="&amp;lt;% ORDER_URL %&amp;gt;" method=post name="item_$item_cnt"&amp;gt; &amp;lt;% TEMPLATE %&amp;gt; &amp;lt;/form&amp;gt;
With this method, you can show the order button only on certain items. Item
variants will also work in this case.