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How can I make product categories accessible to only certain customers (customer groups)?

You can display certain items to only certain customer groups. The product category
will still be displayed. But the items in it will not be displayed.

First create an attribute for the category that should only be displayed to a
certain group. You can name it "special". Note: If you have several levels of categories displayed, then make sure to
create attributes for the sub-categories too.
Assign a value of 1 to the attribute.
(eShop -> Categories -> edit -> click "+add" under "Additional product category attributes")

Similarly, create an attribute for the group that can view the special items.
(eShop -> Customers -> Group administration -> edit -> next. Click "add" near
Create a new property for this group. You can name it "special_group" and set the
Field value as 1Now you have to modify the products_overview_shopscript file.
(eShop -> Shop design -> product_overview.shopscript) Just enter the code
highlighted in red here.

<table width="$basket_table_width" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=2 border=0>

<% IF (($actgroup_attr[special] == $SHOP_CUSTOMERDATA[special_group] )) %>
<% END_IF %>
A customer attribute exists in the above example called "special_group", and a
product category attribute called "special".

If a product category does not have an attribute, it will be displayed. But the
categories with the special attribute will only be displayed for a certain group.
And of course, the customer of special group has to login to the shop to see the