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Using NetObjects Fusion 7.5 & 8 E-Commerce Tool with 1&1 eShop

To use NetObject Fusion 8 with the 1&1 eShop you have 2 options: you can use the Shop Integration
links as described in the Shop Manual or you can use the NetObjects Fusion "E-Commerce" system.
1&1 have teamed together with NetObjects to provide an easy integration system that enables you
to utilize the power of the 1&1 eShop with the Flexible Design capabilities of NetObjects Fusion.

Switch to "Page View" to start. To create a shop using the E-Commerce function you will need to open the Advanced Toolbar. To open from the Menu bar, click on the View menu, then move your mouse over the fly-out "Toolbars". This will show you all the toolbars that are available. Click on the one called "Advanced Tools".

On the "Advanced Tools" toolbar, you will see the

button, click on this to select it, then draw a small box on your webpage. This will insert the NetObjects E-Commerce basket system onto the page.

A new window will be displayed. Enter your eShop name, this is just used as a reference.

Next, you will need to select the "Store". Click on the drop down box and select [Add store engine...]

This will open the "Store Engine Sign Up" window

Once the "Store Engine Sign Up" window has opened, click on the drop down box and select "1&1 uk".

This tells the NetObjects E-Commerce system to use 1&1 settings.

Next you will need to enter your 1&1 Shop number. This is the "s" number that is part of the subdomain
your shop came with, for example s123456789.oneandoneshop.co.uk

Once this is done, click on the

button at the bottom of the window.

You are returned to the "Add E-Commerce Catalog" screen, click on the


Then the E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor is opened, this is where you will configure your eShop,
you will not need to add the items through the 1&1 eShop interface.

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