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E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor [Store]

The Store tab is where you can configure the back end settings for the NetObject E-Commerce system.

Clicking on Change Engine will enable you to change to another store engine if you decide to change systems.

  • Upload product images to store engine server: will upload the images to the 1&1 eShop, however this is only possible with the Developer eShop and you will need to know the FTP Details form the 1&1 Control Panel.
  • Online Administration:
    Will open an Internet Browser window and take your directly to the 1&1 Control Panel login screen.
  • Secure Basket Settings: This will allow you to configure NetObjects to use the Secure basket integration system included in the 1&1 eShop. Please Note: You will need to configure the Secure Basket Integration in the 1&1 eShop.

When you have completed your configuration click on the


This can be found in Advanced Settings -> Basic Settings -> Security settings for shopping basket integration.

If you are not using Secure Basket Integration then you should have the following settings

Use secure shopping basket integration? = No
Deactivate secure shopping basket integration? = No

Save Your Changes by clicking on the

button then publish the shop.