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E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor [Products Tab]


This is where you create your items for the 1&1 eShop. When you type in the details in to they
will automatically be added to the Product list. For each product you have a 5 tabs which you can

  • Attributes
  • Description
  • Detail Image
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Related Products

On the Screen Shown opposite you have the "Attributes", this is where you enter the
basic details for the item. Name, Part Number, Price etc.


This is where you add the Products Brief and Detailed Descriptions, also you can place any rules
that you may want to be used with this products, i.e can only be sold in 10's

Please note:
Using NetObjects Fusion you will not be able to use Item Varients.

Detail Image

Click on the

button and you will be able to find the images stored on your computer
that you want to use with this product. You also have a number of image settings so that you can
optimise the viewing of the image. Once again any changes that you make will be automatically
applied to the product there is no need to save any changes.

Thumbnail Image

This is automatically generated from the Detail Image.

Related Products

If you have a number of products that are related you can link them to this product. This will produce
links on the Detail Page that will link to the other products.

Please note:
For the links to be displayed you will need to have the "Display Related Products on Detail Page" check box ticked.