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E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor [List Page]

List Page

This List Page is equitant to the "Product Overview" page in the 1&1 eShop system.

The "List Page" will allow you to configure the order of the items, choose layouts, choose the
Information that is shown on the List page and add/change the purchase options. These are all accessed
through the tabs:

  • Layout
    The layout of the list page
  • Display Items
    What Information is shown on the List Page
  • Purchase Options
    Whether you have a link or a button to place the item in the basket directly from the List Page.


On the Layout Tab you can choose the layout for the List Page, the placing of the thumbnails, how many
columns to have etc.

Display Items

Here you can choose what information is shown on the List Page. This is configured using the
information that you added when you create products, select the Information you would like in
the Left hand column then click on the

button. If you would like all the
information shown, then click on the


Alternatively if you would like to remove any of the information click on the item in the Right
hand column and click the


From a Design point of view, to much information on the list page will look cluttered and could
cause the page to take longer to load, or make it complicated for the user to read and use.

Purchase Options

This will give you the option to have a link or a button directly from the List page to place the item in the shopping basket.

You have the choice whether to have a Text link or a button link.