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How to include the links in my HTML pages

You can include the links generated by shop integration on your HTML pages as text
link, order graphic or form button.

Example link for an item: http://1and1shop.co.uk/action/order.php4?a=NK-0001It is in the format: http://[your_shop_url]/action/order/php4?keypath=[id]
In this example, NK-0001 is the keypath id

Text Link

<a href="http://1and1shop.co.uk/action/order.php4?a=NK-0001">Order Item</a>
Order graphic

<a href="http://1and1shop.co.uk/action/order.php4?a=NK-0001">
<img src="/image_uk/order.gif" border="0">
The order.gif image has to be uploaded on to your server where your HTML pages are
located. Also, check the path.

If you want to place more than one item in the shopping cart, you can use the
<i>count</i> parameter.
<a href="http://1and1shop.co.uk/action/order.php4?a=NK-0001&count=4">
<img src="/image_uk/order.gif" border="0">
Form Button

<form action="http://1and1shop.co.uk/action/order.php4">
<input type="hidden" name="a" value="NK-0001">
<input type="text" name="count" value="4">
<input type="submit" value="order">
Note: You have to publish the shop at least once before using the links.