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What are Rules?

Many parts of your shop have been configured with, and can be extended by, what are
known as rules. Rules are program sections in programming language PHP 4 that are
carried out at defined points in the programme sequence (e.g. when displaying the
shopping basket).

With rules, beginners will be able to operate the shop easily and advanced users
can achieve there requirements as needed.

Rules give you direct access to internal data structures, which means you can adapt
your shop's logic to your requirements. There are rules for the items, the shopping
basket and the order pages.

Rules can be entered directly using the shop configuration surface. You don't need to change any source codes.

You should have some knowledge of PHP 4 to be able to write rules. The whole shop is
written using PHP. If you understand languages such as C, C++ or Java you should
not find it difficult to get to know the syntax of PHP because it is based on the
syntax of these languages.

Apart from the FAQ's you can also refer to the eShop Manual which can be found in
the 1&1 Control Panel under Manuals.

NoteRules are intended only for calculations, and not for output. Trying to base output
on rules (e.g. with the command echo "...";) could lead to errors. Avoid using them
in output at all times.

Do ensure that you maintain syntactic precision of the PHP code in the rules, and
test it before using it in the online shop. Syntactically incorrect code will lead
to so-called Parse errors that give an unprofessional impression, confuse the
shopper and could make ordering impossible.