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How to give discounts based on the order amount

If you want to give a discount starting from a specific order amount, then enter
the following rule under 'Settings' -> 'Advanced Settings' -> 'Payment methods' ->
'Settings for all payment methods'
Here you should see 'Rule for all payment methods':

if ($total_sum >= 100) {
$additional_costs= -($total_sum * 0.05);
$text_order_additional_costs = "5% discount from 100 GBP";
If a shopper orders products worth £100.00 or more, 5% will be deducted from the
order amount. The discount will be shown as a separate item on the invoice.

You can also give a discount to certain customers. In this case, change the rule
used in the above example.

if ($SHOP_CUSTOMERDATA[Level]==1) {
$additional_costs= -($total_sum * 0.05);
$text_order_additional_costs = "Customer discount 5%";
if ($SHOP_CUSTOMERDATA[Level]==2) {
$additional_costs= -($total_sum * 0.1);
$text_order_additional_costs = "Wholesale discount 10%";
Now go to Customer Administration(Customers -> Edit) and edit the customers. Give
each customer an additional attribute with the name level and a value (e.g.
1, 2 etc.). The customer must log on to see the discount. Note Customer management
is available in Developer eShop only.