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How to collect additional information when shoppers place an order

To add additional fields to get information from the shopper, the create the
following rule under 'Settings' -> 'Advanced Settings' -> 'Payment methods' -> 'Rules for the order pages'Here you should see Rule for the second order page($RULE_ORDERPAGE_2)add_field(array("fieldname" => "age_field",
"fieldname_text" => "Your Age",
"typ" => "textfield(size=25):Please enter your age!!",
"validator" => ".+",
"customerfield" => true));

What the fields mean:

fieldname Internal field name as displayed
in the order book; spaces and special symbols are not permitted.
fieldname_text Name of the field that is
displayed in front of the field.
typ "Selection: A | B | C", "textfield[(HTML
code)]:", "textarea[(HTML code)]:" etc. similar to the item attributes.
textfield, textarea may contain HTML code in parentheses after the key word
that is inserted in the HTML code. The pre-set values for the field appear
after the colon.
validator Regular term for checking the
field, e.g. you can use ".+" to make it mandatory field. If "validator" is
left empty, no check will be made - the field is optional. (Can be omitted)
customerfield If true, then the field will
also be incorporated in the customer record (when a customer registers). If
false it will only be saved with the order.

Note: The additional fields appear *after* the address information is
entered by the shopper.

OTHER EXAMPLES OF 'typ' FIELD1. Textfield:add_field(array("fieldname" => 'textfield01',
"fieldname_text" => "Age",
"typ" => "textfield(size=20):Your entry"

If you want it as HTML code: <form>
Age: <input type="text" name="orderinfo[custom_textfield01]" value="Your entry" size="20" />]

Would look like this:

2. Textarea: add_field(array("fieldname" => 'textarea01',
"fieldname_text" => "Your Comments:",
"typ" => "textarea(cols=20 rows=5): Please enter your comments"

If you want it as HTML code: <form>
Your Comments: <textarea name="orderinfo[custom_textarea01]" cols="20" rows="5" > Please enter your comments </textarea>

Would look like this:

Your Comments:
3. Data that the customer cannot change: add_field(array("fieldname" => "readonly01",
"fieldname_text" => "Additional Data:",
"typ" => "readonly:Data (any)"

If you want it as HTML code: Additional Data: <input type="hidden" name="orderinfo[custom_readonly01]" value="Data (any)" />

Would look like this:Additional Data: Data (any)

4. Data the customer can select from a list:add_field(array("fieldname" => 'selection01',
"fieldname_text" => "Please Select:",
"typ" => "selection:choice 1|choice 2|choice 3|choice 4|choice 5"

If you want it as HTML code: <form>
Please Select:<select name="orderinfo[custom_selection01]">
<option value="choice 1">choice 1</option>
<option value="choice 2">choice 2</option>
<option value="choice 3">choice 3</option>
<option value="choice 4">choice 4</option>
<option value="choice 5">choice 5</option>
</form> Would look like this:

Please Select: