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How to personalize a item with certain text

You can personalize certain items, like a pen or a cufflink or even a gift message,
by asking the shopper to enter the text while ordering the item. You can do it
using item attributes as follows:

Step 1
Open eShop Administration. Click Items.

Step 2
Go to the necessary category. Click new/edit.

Step 3
Click "next".

Step 4
Click "+add" near "Additional Item attributes".

Step 5
Give a name for the attribute, "Message" and choose "textfield:"
or "textarea:" as the type. You can also enter a default text, like,
"textfield: Enter your message". Click "Finish".

You can also limit the number of characters a shopper can enter by creating an item
rule as follows:

if( $lent > 32 )
article_set_field('HIDE_ORDERBUTTON', TRUE);
article_set_field('hint','Message can only contain 32 characters'); }
else {
article_set_field('HIDE_ORDERBUTTON', FALSE);

//article_get_field('Message')) - make sure you substitute Name with the name of your attribute.

Please note:
The above example, will allow shoppers to write messages with 32 characters or less. If they exceed the limit, the order button will not show up and they cannot proceed with the checkout.