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How to calculate price of an item based on the quantity ordered

If you want the item price to be determined by the ordered quantity please follow these instructions:

You need to write a rule. (Items -> New/Edit -> Next -> Rule (valid PHP-
Scriptcode, double quotes are not permitted!) for this item. Check FAQ Where to enter Item Rules if (article_get_field('count') >= 10)
article_set_field('price', 48);
elseif (article_get_field('count') >= 5)
article_set_field('price', 49);
article_set_field('price', 50);

Please note:
Be extra careful with this rule. Make sure price in "article_set_field('price', 50);" has the original price assigned. For, eg. while creating the item, if you entered the price of the item as £50.00, then give the price in the rule as 50

In the above example, a customer ordering between 5 to 9 pieces will get be charged £49 and anything above/including 10 will be charged £48. And anything below 5 will have the original price.