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How to allocate different prices to an item based on a certain feature

You can assign different prices to an item based on a certain feature, for eg:
size, color etc. We will use a shoe as our example; it's available in various sizes
(7, 7.5, 8 etc) at different prices (£45.00, £50.00, £55.00 etc).

First you have to create an item attribute for the feature

Step 1
Open eShop Administration. Click Items.

Step 2
Go to the necessary category. Click new/edit.

Step 3
Click "next".

Step 4
Click "+add" near "Additional Item attributes".

Step 5
Give a name for the attribute use "Selection" type. Enter the value as selection: 7|7.5|8|8.5|9 Click "Finish".

Now under Item rules enter the following code if (article_get_field('Size')=='S')
elseif (article_get_field('Size')=='M')
elseif (article_get_field('Size')=='L')

Please note:
Please note that the price will be recalculated in the shopping basket. To avoid confusing your customer, use additional text in the item description to tell them that the price will be recalculated.

The value in parentheses (Size) must be the attribute name you created.

The customer can now choose the sizes from S - L, and the price will be adjusted