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Does 1&1 eShops come with inventory management?

The inventory management feature is not supported with our eShops. You will have to
manage to item stock separately by yourself either using MS Access or other database

If you have limited stocks for some items for example 1 quantity.What you can do is use the following rule in the item rule to restrict the users so
that they can't order more than 1 quantity. If they order more than 1 quantity, the
order button in the basket page will be disabled so they can't continue the order
process unless they change it to 1. Check FAQ: How to make sure only a certain quantity is ordered for more information.

Whenever you receive an order from a customer, you will be sent an e-mail with the
order details so you can manage your stock level on your own PC.

If you only have 1 quantity left for that item, you can either manually remove the
item from the eShop or disable the order button by changing your item rule.
Follow FAQ: How to hide the order button and display a message for more information.