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Shop Features

Please note:
Features discussed in FAQ may or may not be available in certain eShop Packages

AdministrationSimilar to the hosting packages Control Panel, where you can manage your account
settings, billing details, Domain Registration, E-mail set up, WebStatistics and
upgrading option. Click "eShop" to access the above functions.

eShopLike the Control Panel, the eShop Administration pages are SSL encrypted. So
confidential information, such as order book and customer administration, cannot be
accessed by third parties.

You can carry out most settings easily with the help of wizards. These are
easy-to-use screen masks that query the main details and check your entries.
Items include, for instance, details concerning the shop operator, currency and
tax, processing the order, delivery and payment methods etc.

You can determine for every delivery method how the shipping costs should be
calculated by setting a minimum shipping charge of your choice, and then choosing
thresholds based on the total order value.

You can also configure the individual payment methods, for instance by
approving "Payment against invoice" for registered customers only, or by
hiding "Direct debit" for customers from different countries.

You can also change the text modules like the button names, page titles, "about us"
page text under Advanced Settings. So you can display certain text in any language.

The Product Categories and Item administration contain all the functions you need
to look after your range of products. You can structure product categories
hierarchically and fill them with items and item variants. You can import or export
existing item data into the shop in a CSV format, therefore making it easy for you
to work offline and then upload the changes to the eShop.

You will receive every order in your shop directly by e-mail, although the payment
details (bank connection, credit card details) are not sent for safety reasons. You
will find this information in the eShop Administration under "Orders" tab.

Customer administration will help you to maintain your registered customers.
You can divide customers into groups and give them special properties
(i.e. discounts). The customer database can be searched by customer number and
other attributes. You can also send a Newsletter to selected customers or customer
groups. The import and export function enables you to carry out your customer
administration offline.

You can use one of about 30 well-proven design templates in any shop account.
Depending on the chosen design template, you can change colours (background, table
background) and the type, size and color of fonts.
You can also include a background picture and a graphic on the start page.

You have the possibility to modify one of the existing design templates and add
your own shop functions (in script language ShopScript, which is similar to PHP).

You can programme rules for individual items, for delivery and payment methods, and
for the entire shopping basket. This means you can, for instance, base the shipping
costs on the number of products. You can also set a minimum order value or
discounts, based on the number of items ordered.