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shop Design

Under 'Shop design' you can make major changes to and even redesign the appearance of
your shop. Some of the sub-items mentioned here are not available with Business and
Professional eShop.

  • Select shop design
    You can choose the template for your eShop here.

  • Adapt shop design
    Here you can change the colors, font sizes, font types, background image and an image for your eShop.

  • Manage template images
    Here you can manage the images of your eShop. You can create and delete images.

  • Manage shop templates

    The template files of your eShop are displayed here. You can make changes to it. You
    need some experience with PHP and HTML to be able to edit these files.

  • Create a new template file

    You can create new template files.

  • Edit cart templates

    This item contains the HTML scripts and calculation bases for every procedure in the
    shopping cart and the order process.

  • Edit payment module templates

    Templates for offline payment methods like Credit card, Direct debit and Payment in advance.

  • Edit service page templates

    Templates for customer login and view Order are found here.