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Publish shop

'Publish shop' is needed to publish your shop on the web. Up until now you have only
been working with the shop preview.

  • Shop preview
    The shop you have created so far will be displayed in a new window. This is just a
    preview. It will not show up on the web until it is published.

  • Publish shop
    The shop will not be published on the web until you click this button.
    The publishing time depends on how many categories and items you have in the eShop.
    If you have lots of data it will go into the queue, and the shop will then be
    published about 10 minutes later. Please observe the messages in the middle main
    frame - you can carry out the last shop procedures there, with date and time.

  • Online shop
    This link takes you to the online shop. Please remember that the old display will
    still appear here if you have not republished.

  • Shop integration
    You will need this item if you want to address the individual elements of your shop
    from an external homepage. You will see all the links to all the sub-pages in your
    shop - including the links to the detailed view of an item and a link to place
    individual items into the shopping basket. If you have only a few items in your shop
    then you will see the links in the open window; otherwise the complete list will be
    sent to you at the e-mail address given to the shop.

  • Shop log files
    Here you will find the shop records, which customer (or more correctly, which
    computer) placed what in the cart and when. These records are known as logs. The log
    files are available in a compact zipped form, and can be downloaded and evaluated
    externally. You can also find it in the shoplogs/ directory of the
    webspace(Developer eShop)
    These files will automatically be deleted after about 10 weeks.

  • P3P privacy statement
    This is an additional file that is required by Internet Explorer 6.0 for the correct
    display. P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences) is a standard that enables you to
    offer your customers a machine-readable standardised privacy statement for their web