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Order process on your eShop.

When you launch your eShop site, you will see the entry page(About Us) with the
navigation bar Click Product overview, and you will see the categories or
items. Click through it until you get to the detailed view of an item and then the
order button. You will now see the shopping cart with the item and all the
corresponding details. Click 'Order' or 'Next (depending on the template).

Next is Order Stage 1. Select a shipping and payment method, then click 'Next'.
The shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping method selected.
The entry of the billing address is called Order Stage 2. Enter a sample address and
your correct e-mail address. Click 'Next'.

The next display should be the General Business Terms (provided acceptance of them
is part of the order process in your shop - default). Click the checkbox to accept
the Terms & Conditions

You will then see a summary of the order process. Any sales VAT will be added
here. Click 'Order'.

The next message to be displayed is Thank you for your order.

Now check your e-mails. There should be two from the shop. Order that goes to the
shop owner, and the confirmation e-mail from the shop. Open the bottom link in the
second e-mail. This will take you to the status display of the order, and you can
now register independently as a customer. Click 'Register'.