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Item Adminstration.

  • Create items
    You can create items. Assign price, tax, brief description, detailed description,
    images, additional attributes (eg: sizes for a T-Shirt Small|Medium|Large)

  • Import item
    You can create a CSV file with the item information and then import it easily.
    It is discussed in detail in these FAQ articles:
    • What is Import Items?
    • Import Rules
    • A sample example of CSV import file
    • Where to import CSV files
  • Export item
    Just as you can import items into your shop, your item root can also be exported.
    A CSV file is generated during the export.
    • What is item export?
    • Where to export the item data from
  • Delete all items
    You can delete your entire item list with this link. A small window with a safety
    query will open. If you use this, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever be
    able to retrieve this data!

  • Delete unused images
    All images, which are stored in the directory "./images" and that do not lead to an
    existing item or category will be deleted. This cannot be reversed! Deleted images
    cannot be recovered.

  • Rename selected category
    You can choose to rename the product category. You can also do this under Category

  • Create a new category
    Create product categories. You can also do this under Category Administration.

  • Advanced organization
    Advanced organization allows you to move, copy or delete several items and
    categories at the same time.

  • Update item index
    To fully understand what this means, you need to know that the shop and the
    administration view of the items do not access the individual item, but only a
    summary generated from the item data. So if you have manipulated your data with FTP,
    the list will no longer tie in with the actual item list. You will have to recreate
    this list or index.

    If some or even all of the items in your shop seem to have disappeared suddenly and
    you are sure you haven't accidentally deleted them, then the list either wasn't
    generated or hadn't been generated properly. You can bring about the recreation of
    the list by clicking 'Update item index'.

  • Secure shopping cart integration
    Shop Integration enables you to integrate the pure shop functionality in your own
    static HTML pages. An Order link is created for every item. You can then add this
    link to your HTML pages. Check FAQ: What is secure shopping cart integration? for more information.