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Customer Administration.

In Customer Administration you can set up customer details, give these customers a
discount, change customer details, delete them, and much more.

  • Group administration
    You can create, edit and delete customer groups. You can also manage Newsletter
    Administration here.

  • Import customers
    You can import customer data in a CSV format file. Check FAQ: CSV import/export.
  • Export customers
    Export customer data in a CSV format. Check FAQ: CSV import/export.
  • Add a new customer
    You can create new customers. Assign them a user name and password.

  • Find customer by number
    You can search customer information by the number.

  • Advanced customer search
    You can search customers by name, company name etc.

  • Update customer index
    An update of the customer index is only required if you feel that the customer data
    is displayed incorrectly in customer administration.

  • Delete all customers
    You can choose to delete all the customers of your eShop. Please use it with caution.