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Administration of received Orders.

Under Orders you can view and process received orders.

  • Create a new folder
    You can create additional folders by using 'Create a new folder'

  • Rename selected folder
    You can rename existing folders. You cannot rename Orders received
  • Empty selected folder
    If a folder is too full or your webspace quota is gradually running out, you can empty
    a folder. This is highly recommended for the wastebasket. The actual folder will be
    retained. You can't empty the folder Orders received in one go.

  • Delete selected folder
    Here you can completely delete a folder and all of the order processes in it.
    The folder Orders received cannot be deleted.

  • Search for order number
    Use this to find a particular order using an order number.

  • Search all orders
    You can only search by the following criteria:
    invoice number, date, time, or a part thereof, i.e. you can display every order from
    2003 by entering "2003".

  • Export orders
    This function allows you to export orders as CSV files. Check FAQ: How to export orders data. for more information.